Англиски Камп: Speak Out

For seven days this summer you can join a group of Americans at a conversational English Camp. You will have an opportunity to discuss topics that are relevant to your life such as values, philosophy of life, future, character, love, marriage, friends etc.


Your time will consist of large group discussion as well as small group tutoring times. There will be many enjoyable morning, afternoon and evening activities for you to participate in.

Speak Out is a conversational English camp for ages 15-22. You must speak English at an intermediate level. This is the 4th year as we are organizing it, with more experience and more improvements.

All of the American tutors are invited by the organizer of the camp, the organization Comunitas (Комунитас). The student movement Every Student (Секој Студент) and high school movement “Млади на прагот на животот” (MPZ) from Skopje and are projects of the organization Comunitas. “Комунитас” is focusing on developing the future leaders of our country in all the areas of their character: intellectually, emotionally/socially, spiritually and physically. Therefore, it’s important to consider that during the discussion groups we will discuss Christian ideas as well.

For more information visit our website www.speakout.mk